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Sign-up Bonus: For a limited time, we are offering $1000 to new cleaners that sign up. Rules apply, ask your recruiter how to qualify.

Does this sound like a dream professional cleaning position for you? If you are or have been a professional cleaner with a minimum of 1 full year of experience, reliable transportation and strive to be independent, we're looking for you.

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Why choose to be a contracted cleaner at LocalMaid?

LocalMaid was locally built, is run locally and services locally. Compared to other competitors we offer more than minimum wage. We have the customer select the type of clean, what supplies the cleaner will need to bring and the number of hours needed and with those details the hourly rate is determined. We want you the cleaner to be properly and fairly compensated for the effort you put into your cleans.

Job Summary:

We're looking for hardworking and reliable house cleaners. You will be setting up your own schedule on our website - specifying the hours you wish to work, the neighbourhoods you want to work in and what supplies you can and cannot provide. We provide you with a friendly support team who will set up your appointments for you and get you booked out according to the schedule you have set up for yourself. Any customer service issues we deal with to save you that time and let you focus on your work. We also take care of handling/collecting all payments for completed jobs.

Set Your Own Schedule

Attractive Pay

Choose Your Neighbourhoods

Be Your Own Boss

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Online Account Management

A little about LocalMaid

Founded in 2016, we saw a need within the Kelowna market. Other than the standard cleaning companies that had been around for years, there weren't really other options for cleaners. We did see some advertising services on social media, job posting boards or even the newspaper. Even then you have to collect payments, book with clients while you're cleaning and try to run your small business while working for it. Navid (Founder of LocalMaid) decided to embark upon an unusual path of creating a database for cleaners to provide their services and not have to worry about the rest. We've enhanced and expanded, and we will continue to add more cities when we see demand in those areas.

If you have any further questions, you can contact recruitment directly:
[email protected]

We take pride in cleaning your home.

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