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Marianka M - 2 years ago - Kelowna - public
Angela, it was a pleasure meeting you and your family! I would be more thwn happy to be the regular cleaner for your parents. And look firward to seeing you again!
Marianka M - 2 years ago - Kelowna - public
I went to a house today where the family was very friendly. And the little girls were adorable! I hope you feel better soon Isabella :)
Marianka M - 2 years ago - Kelowna - public
I loved the client today she was a breath of fresh air!
LocalMaid Team - 3 years ago - Kelowna - public
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LocalMaid Team - 3 years ago - Kelowna - public
LocalMaid provides a convenient and effective method for you to book a cleaner online within minutes. It is the perfect way to clean your home. Follow the three easy steps when you login and you'll be on your way
LocalMaid Team - 3 years ago - Kelowna - public
LocalMaid.ca employment advantage: We offer a flexible online scheduling system that is paired with simple online booking to make cleaning easy and we take care of finding clients through marketing initiatives.
Afsdf D - 3 years ago - Kelowna - public
Our cleaner from LocalMaid was very pleasent and very efficient. LocalMaid met my expectations in every way.
LocalMaid Team - 3 years ago - Kelowna - public
Nothing says home like a clean home, and LocalMaid's Kelowna cleaning services will help you keep your home looking its best. We offer the convenience of online booking. Booking a maid has never been so easy!
Lynne A - 5 years ago - Kelowna - public
Thank you B.L. Always a pleasure having you here. Appreciate your hard work and attention to detail. Look forward to your next visit.
Shawna H - 5 years ago - Kelowna - public

Hello BL,

Thank you so very much for coming yesterday. Everything looked great and it was nice to come home to a clean house. Sorry i didn't notify you that i was going to be away. I knew that Ana was going to be here to let you in, but I too did not know that she had to leave early.

Everything is fine until your next visit, so no need to return to clean the bathrooms. What should I do about the payment for yesterday? Just pay for all at the next visit? Otherwise, please phone me and I can make arrangements to get the payment to you sooner.

Take Care and I'll see you again soon.


LocalMaid Team: Hi Shawna, Thank you for the feedback, it's very valuable to hear our customers. Payment options include paying online by clicking my profile tab up top, and clicking the pay now option. If there's an alternate method of payment please let us know what is preferable, and we can arrange something. 5 years ago - Kelowna