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Leila F - 1 year ago - Kelowna - Public
Fellow Cleaners! After a great deal of research I purchased the latest Shark Rotator Vacuum on Walmart Special, and added $20 for extended warranty. I am super impressed! WOW!!! The vacuums are sold out everywhere for a darn good reason!
Alicia H - 1 year ago - Kelowna - Public
Good day everyone!

My name is Alicia and i'm new to the Local Maid team but not new to the life of house keeping. I run my own business during the summer months at Lake Okanagan Resort cleaning summer and vacation homes with yearly move-out and move-ins as well.

I am fast and efficient and ready to get started on making your homes look clean to the highest standards.

I provide regular cleaning products, as well as environmentally/pet friendly products, and I use my trusty steam mop to thoroughly kill any and all bacteria that lives on your floors without harsh chemicals.

Looking forward to this new venture with Local Maids and wonderful new clients!
Teresa C - 1 year ago - Kelowna - Public
Good day. :) I have been faithfully serving the Kelowna Area and MANY homes since 2012, nearly 6 years part time. I have never had one complaint about my work and have had the pleasure of meeting so many lovely people along the way...I love my work and find a real satisfaction in knowing that I am helping another home in my community run smoother and have less burden in the week.... Tree :) ( Teresa )
Marianka M - 1 year ago - Kelowna - Public
We work really hard! We are late sometimes, especially if we are at the other end of town and there is construction! We are only human! I think that when a complaint is made, It should be followed up with something positive! There should be balance with everything!
Katherine T - 2 years ago - Vernon - Public
Good day everyone 😊. I am very excited and ready to be working for local maid. I am in Vernon and I am available Monday's, Tuesday's and Wednesday's to start. I look forward to meeting new clients. I have my first clean on Monday. If you know anyone looking for a cleaner I am ready to rock it out. Have a great day everyone.
Xanthe W - 2 years ago - Kelowna - Public
At your service! Bookings available :)
Katherine T - 2 years ago - Vernon - Public
Hello everyone. My name is Katherine. I am new to local maid and very excited to be here with local maid. I have 8yrs cleaning experience. I look forward to hearing from clients and meeting new people. I have a very strong work ethic. I am honest. I am reliable. I will be real and true on my work and word when it comes to cleaning and how long it will take depending on the clean once I do a walk through on your abode.
Andre P - 2 years ago - Kelowna - Public
We had one hell of an experience with this company. Not only was the cleaner rude he was beyond unprofessional. We booked in advance 3 days prior to the appointed time. 7:30 am.
We were moving and needed the place scrubbed down before the new tenants took over.

The night before the appointment the cleaner texted my wife asking if he could come at noon and to which I responded no I’m sorry we really need you to come in the am so we don’t get a charge for not being out of the place by noon.
He said he couldn’t, offered no compensation and was rude. Not even a phone call.
I said be there for noon because we need you but I am expecting it to be immaculate and we need you clear of the apartment by 3:30.
Not only does he not show up until 1:30 he’s complaining that it’s dirty and will take a while, I’m like yea man we booked you for four hours but obviously that didn’t work out so let’s get to it.

I emailed the company to let them know what was going on and I provided screen shots of emails that had been going back and forth. They claimed he tried to message us earlier but there was nothing. There was an email at 6:45 and then a text the night before. Nothing said he would have to reschedule or would have to come at noon until 10 hours before the appointment. On there website they ask you for atleast 24 hours notice before a cancellation, screw me right for wanting the same respect.

Not only that after everything they offered a 20 dollar voucher and said they could do nothing else.

I don’t want anyone to go through what we did, they made a stressful situation even more so and I wouldn’t recommend them to an enemy.

Thanks but no thanks.

update: he texed my wife calling her a Cu**. Classy place you operate.
LocalMaid Team: Thank you for your feedback. At LocalMaid we take customers feedback very seriously. Having taken your feedback on board and that of another customer had provided on this particular new cleaner, we have discontinued his account and he will no longer be getting any bookings through LocalMaid. 2 years ago - Kelowna
Robyn P: I’m so sorry you had this experience with this company. I assure you many of the cleaners that work for LocalMaid are lovely, professional, punctual and respectful. I hope you never have to experience that again!!!! 2 years ago - Kelowna
Marianka M - 2 years ago - Kelowna - Public
I will also do move out cleans in the evening!!!!
Marianka M - 2 years ago - Kelowna - Public
Im backkkkk booking clients. It has been a difficult last 5 months, caregiving for my Mom. (93). Very pleasurable but still a little tough. We have moved her and now I am able to wirk full time again. I will not be cancelling appts. Last minute. PLS feel free to book with me 😊😊😊😊😊😊