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Stormy W - 1 year ago - Kelowna - Public
I'm new to local maid and I'm ready to work! I am a hardworker, I pay attention to detail and I honestly enjoy cleaning. I hope you choose me to clean your home

Thanks :)
Irma D - 1 year ago - Kelowna - Public
Hi everyone from may 26 till June 15 I will be gone for my vacation I won't be able to clean if anyone wants they can put on other days and thank you very much for understanding me
Shane D - 1 year ago - Kelowna - Public
And it continues - after blaming me for not giving her directions she says :
You dont listen.. i found your addresa juat fine.. it was my clean at 8am thia morning.. texting and driving is illegal. So i could have been later. Instead i let the compamy know.. to tell you while i drove.. im not arguing with you . Have a great day...

And professionalism. You clearly have no idea how the cleaning compamy world works. Cleans run longer than expected. It happena. At least i did my part

**I suppose this is still my fault for not listening** I still want my money back and an explanation as to what is going on here.
LocalMaid Team: We have arranged your full refund. As explained, the new phone number details that you sent the night before may not have got to the cleaner on time and hence the breakdown in communication. Any updates to appointment details need to be made at least 24hrs prior to the scheduled appointment. 1 year ago - Kelowna
Shane D - 1 year ago - Kelowna - Public
Cleaner is supposed to be at my house in Lake Country at 10:30am

I receive this 24minutes late :

Christina L
Wednesday Mar 13 2019 10:54am
Yes juat hit lake countrt.. ive tries messaging your number many tinea

At 11:13 - 43 minutes late she shows up at my door and I tell her it's too late, I'm cancelling. So she replies with this :

Christina L
Wednesday Mar 13 2019 11:13am
Actually had my messages gone thru and the company contacted you to let you know i was running late like i asked them everything would have been fine. Not like it matters now but my first clean this morning i couldnt find the address as the client didnt give specifics on how to find the place. I did everything i could to let you know that i was going to arrive late. If you didnt want the clean anymore you could have said instead of wasting my time and money to drive from the misson all the way to lake country. What's unacceptable is how youve handled all this without even asking what happened. Instead you said you were cancelling and goodbye as i was on your door step.. Have a great day

Really? She doesn't have google on her phone like everyone else? Can't find an address? she was 25 minutes late arriving at my town. She couldn't even find Lake Country without directions and it's my fault? I'm the customer and it's unprofessional of me to "not ask why she is late?" huh? I'm confused, was she paying me? or was I paying her? If I'm paying her - it's her responsibility to be on time. If she can't find an address, it's her responsibility to contact me, not blame me for not giving directions.

I've emailed this company 6 times now trying to find out what's going on and get my money back. I've also left a voicemail. Your website says hours are 10am-6pm. Please contact me and arrange a refund.
Shane D - 1 year ago - Kelowna - Public
No Show.

No stars, no review - no show.

Apparently she was sending messages to the wrong phone number? Don't know what happened?

Finally showed up 37 minutes late? No reason given.
Connie C - 1 year ago - Kamloops - Public
Hi my name is Connie. I have many years experience in housekeeping. I have a great eye for detail and I clean corners I never cut corners.
Carmen H - 1 year ago - Kelowna - Public
Looking forward to taking care of all your cleaning needs!!
Vemitha W - 1 year ago - Kamloops - Public
I do my best towards the job that I get.cusomer satisfaction is my priority. thank you
Rachel S - 1 year ago - Kelowna - Public
Hi there,
My name is Rachel and I have 5 years of professional cleaning experience so I know exactly what you are looking for in a house
Keeper. I am honest, trustworthy and efficient. I look forward to making your home sparkle! 😊
Natasha L - 1 year ago - Kamloops - Public
hi there i am natasha if there is anything you need me to clean i will do that i will stay longer hrs i have been cleaning for 10 years